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We get asked a lot of questions here at word art prints.  Here are the answers to just a few of them:

Q: How much does the word art cost?

A: They range in price from seven ninety-nine in UK pounds and pence.

Q: How often does the website get updated?

A: We aim to add a least 10 different word art templates a week.

Q: Do you have a contact number?

A: Yes our telephone number is on the top right of this website. We also have a contact form on the site and we aim to reply to all messages within 24 hours.

Q: Can your prints be found on any other websites?

A:  We have had an Etsy shop for a number of years. Please click on link to see our Etsy store: click here

Q: What are the delivery times to the UK?

A: If you are in the UK we aim to get the print to you within 5 days.  Sometimes a bit longer if over a weekend.  We also deliver overseas and that normally takes 10-15 days.

Q: Can you send me my print in a glass frame?

A: No, sorry all our frames are plastic. Had too many problems in the past when we did send out glass frames.

Q: What size are the prints?

A: At the moment we have two sizes, a4 and a3. So if you don’t buy a frame for us you will be able to pick up one without a problem.

Q: Can I return my item?

A: We can’t accept returns for the simple reason every print is totally personal.  So you need to make sure you don’t have any mistakes.

Q: What if my print doesn’t arrive?

A: From time to time a print will go missing.  If you don’t receive your print within 10 days if you are in the UK please get in contact and we will send you a replacement.


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