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Word art maker – design stunning prints for occasions

If you are looking for a Word art maker you have come to the right place!  Check our huge range of prints but please first have a look at our FAQ:

Q: Is this a free website?

A:  it is free to try out our Word art maker but if you would like to print there is a cost.

Q: Do the prints get printed on paper or card?

A: The prints are produced on 300 grams high-quality card.

Q: Can you deliver quicker than the specified time as in a real rush?

A: No sorry we can’t produce any quicker as we need to send them to the printer to get printed.

Q: Can I use a voucher I have found?

A:  Yes if you have a voucher please use it.  We often also have pop up vouchers on the site.  Alternatively please try our Etsy store for offers as well: click here

Q: How are the prints packaged?

A: If you purchase the framed version they will come in a box.  If you purchase the unframed version it will come in a cardboard envelope.

Q: What if my frame arrives broken?

A: If the frame arrives broken we will replace it. Please send an image of the broken item.

Q:  Can I get a smaller version of the print?

A: No we don’t sell prints any smaller than a4 for the simple reason the type would be too small to read.

Q: Can I get more than one copy of my print?

A: Yes certainly.  If you purchase a print without a frame we often send extra copies out as a bonus.

Q: Do prints get sent first class or second class?

A: If you are in the UK we send the prints second class.  If you are overseas we send by standard airmail.


Word art maker


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