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Traditional 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts – What Exactly are They?

Wedding anniversaries are exceptional occasions that everybody is eager to celebrate. But some wedding anniversaries are mainly celebrated than others. Maybe because of the value that those anniversaries possess. But let us give each wedding anniversary similar attention no matter how high or low the numbers are.

First Wedding Anniversary

During wedding anniversaries, some married couples celebrate the event grandiosely. But for most couples that celebrate 1st wedding anniversary, they may want the occasion to be plain and simple. But no matter what they wish to or however they want to celebrate the special event, there is one thing that is always present during this celebration. That is no other than wedding gifts.

Gift-giving is probably one of the most exciting parts of every celebration. Even adults find pleasure and happiness in simple gift-giving. And that is also a part of most wedding anniversaries.

First wedding anniversaries are called paper wedding anniversaries. So, as the corresponding name suggests, people or more likely, the couples would expect to receive paper-made gifts like paintings and anything relating to papers.

But what exactly are the most popular gifts that 1st wedding anniversary celebrants are more likely to expect to receive on that particular day? Apart from paper gifts like personalised word arts UK and other paper-made pieces, there are different presents that couples celebrating their first wedding anniversaries may expect. Listed down below are the most traditional gifts most people know.

Traditional 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Paper Gifts

We must put this portion on top because, after all, paper gifts are the most known kinds of gifts for 1st wedding anniversaries. Paper gifts may include photo albums or photo books, sketches of each spouse, origamis, and any type of paper gifts made of papers solely or partially.

Paper gifts are also perfect as gifts for 1st birthday celebrations to hang and entertain babies. These gifts are perfect for the 1st wedding anniversary too to symbolize also that they are now starting to make their own story together as they grow older. Samples of paper gifts include paper flowers, best-seller books, pieces of art, exclusive coupons, and more.


This may be uncommon, but clocks may also be exceptional items to give out. Nowadays, clocks are the modern symbol of 1st wedding anniversaries, so no wonder why it has a spot on our list. But don’t just give any random clock you bought from a store, instead find a way to make the simple gift witty and exciting. You can buy a cuckoo clock that makes a funny sound, or you may also create a do-it-yourself or customized clock that will surely bring out the fun of giving.

Matching/Couple Shirts

This may be a common gift material, but who said it couldn’t have an impact? You may still want to customize a shirt that both husband and wife will find funny and creative at the same time. You need to bring out the artist if you need to, to make a remarkable and unforgettable gift.


Paintings may still fall under the paper-category, but it surely holds a different presence. You don’t have to buy expensive paintings; instead, if you can paint, you may give them your specially made artwork. Your efforts will not be wasted as it could provide more satisfying emotion for both of them than receiving ready-made items.

There are several other kinds of gifts that you may give the celebrating couple. A good bottle of wine is not a bad idea as a gift. They may enjoy a drink or two together after a massive celebration. You can also buy them matching mugs; it does not matter what kind of traditional 1st wedding anniversary you give. What matters more is how you give them your gift and how well you conveyed your message to them how happy you are that they have reached a new chapter of their life together.