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Paper Gift Ideas for First Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversaries symbolize new beginnings and a year of a fulfilled journey with your other half. Many people from both western and eastern cultures give so much importance to their wedding anniversaries. Nothing to wonder, though, as wedding anniversaries are events that signify how love has conquered all the struggles you and your spouse have encountered.

Wedding Anniversaries and their Corresponding Names

Most people give relevance and high respect for every wedding anniversary. More and more people, however, are offering more emphasis and exceptional attention to more prominent wedding anniversaries like the 10th, maybe 25th, or the 50th anniversaries. But no matter what number or how many years you are celebrating your wedding anniversary, it is still safe to say that we should celebrate every wedding anniversary with so much joy and acclaim. As it is a symbol of how your love is more reliable than any problem, any obstacles both of you encountered, wedding anniversaries should be given equal attention.

Elders and probably almost everyone know that there are corresponding names that every wedding anniversary has a name associated with them. 

You might also know this, like how the 25th wedding anniversary is Silver, and 50th is recognized as Golden. Yes, every wedding anniversary has its corresponding name. But for now, let us talk about the unique and very memorable 1st wedding anniversary.

Paper Wedding Anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is called “Paper Wedding Anniversary.” Have you ever wondered why it’s called paper, though? The name represents a fresh start and a new chapter of your life where you are finally sharing it with your loving spouse.

Some may say that papers are easily destroyed, which means that your relationship may still be vulnerable to several tests and struggles. However, the paper we are talking about is a clean sheet of paper where both can write your own story. You may keep that paper for a long time, so one day, you’ll uncover it again and realize that your love and dedication towards each other is more significant than the doubts of the others.

Give the Best Paper Gift

But setting the drama aside, as the name suggests paper, let us find out which paper gifts are most suited to give to a couple celebrating their first wedding anniversary, or maybe you when you acknowledge your 1st wedding anniversary with your spouse. There are those traditional 1st wedding anniversary gifts but let us talk about them later.

Paper Flowers

Who needs water if your flower won’t wilt and die? But really, paper flowers are becoming more popular 1st wedding anniversary gifts and other anniversary celebrations. You can buy your wife or your lovely friend or sister a stunning paper flower bouquet that she will surely keep for a long time.


Books as gifts are especially relevant for bookworms and other people who enjoy reading and collecting books. You can find books from bookstores, but if you wish to make the gift more impressive, you can buy best-selling books that will make your recipient extra happy.

Word Arts

If you want to give your spouse or your celebrating friends a valuable message in a seemingly more artistic way, word art prints in UK are a perfect choice of 1st wedding anniversary gift. Not only are these kinds of gift ideal for display, but it also shows your creative side. Give a unique type of gift through word art prints that will be treasured forever.


Yes, tickets. You can give your friends celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary a ticket to see a good movie. While they enjoy their sweet time together, they could also spend time outside while watching the theater’s latest film.