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5 Amazing Gifts for Runners You Need to Buy

Nowadays, people are starting to take more care of their health. Experts from Mayoclinic recommend that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. One of the simplest yet effective form of exercise is running.


If you or someone you know wants to run or already incorporates running into their daily exercise, you need to check out these 5 amazing gifts for runners.


1. Male or Female Runner Word Art

Gifts for Runners

Gifts for Runners

Where to buy (male version): runner word art

Where to buy (female version): femail runner word art


That’s right, you can purchase these word art prints directly on our site! Our runner word art is very customizable. You can add or remove any words in the print as you’d like. There are also many fonts to choose from. We recommend choosing a font that reflects a person’s running style. This is a creative way to stay motivated, and it also adds tremendous value to the print.


For example, Arial font works great for sprinters. With Arial font, the print looks thick, and overall powerful. Conversely, the Alex brush font works great for long-distance runners. The font makes the print look very artistic and relaxing. To add even more creativity to your print, you can even change the way the words are laid out. This can drastically change the way the print looks, so make sure to check it out! Give this word art as a gift to keep someone motivated and inspired to keep running.


2. Hands-Free Hydration Pack

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Where to buy: Amazon 


If you’re looking for an innovative gift that will surprise anyone you give it to, this hydration pack will do just that. This is one of the most innovative yet simple ways to keep someone hydrated while they’re running. You no longer have to run with a water bottle in your hands, or an annoying backpack on your back.


This hands-free hydration pack allows runners to take a drink of water while running! All runners have to do is attach the hydration pack to one arm and then lift it towards their mouth to take a drink. The pack stores up to 7.5 ounces or 220 mL of liquid (roughly a small water bottle). It’s convenient, fun, and clever! Most importantly, there’s a built-in therma-cool insulator to keep the water cool. If you’re someone who drinks a lot of water, it might be a good idea to purchase two of them – one for each arm.

3. Hands-Free Wrist Bottle

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Where to buy: Amazon 


This hands-free wrist bottle uses the same concept as the hands-free hydration pack above. This is a great alternative for the hydration pack because some runners use an arm band to carry their phones on their arms. If you know someone that uses an arm band, this wrist bottle would be a great add-on to their running experience.


Again, runners will no longer have to carry a bottle in their hands or wear a backpack because the wrist bottle supplies runners with a convenient way to hydrate hands-free. The bottle stores up to 6.8 ounces or 200 mL of liquid (a little less than a small water bottle). Again, if you’re someone who drinks a lot of water, it’s a good idea to purchase two of these wrist bottles – one for each wrist. If you want to purchase a similar product that holds more water, the Nathan Handheld Hydration Pack (link to Amazon) may be a good alternative.


4. Adjustable Runner’s Belt

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Where to buy: Amazon 


Another amazing gift for runners is this adjustable runner’s belt. This belt has unbelievably great reviews on Amazon, and here’s why. Runners want to be comfortable while running. There’s nothing worse than having phones, keys, and other small objects dangle around in your pockets while running. This belt provides a convenient way for runners to carry their valuables with them while running.


The belt can fit large phones, including the iPhone X, Nexus 6, and Galaxy S9, keys, chapstick, and other small objects all at once. Not only is this belt convenient, but it’s also comfortable. The belt is made of stretchable Spandex. The soft elastic prevents the belt from bouncing while running. This is an incredibly important feature that all runners are looking for.

5. Runner’s Waist Pack


Where to buy: Amazon 


Here’s an alternative to the adjustable runner’s belt. This waist pack provides a multi-functional waist pouch that allows runners to store a water bottle (up to 27 ounces or 800 mL) and their valuables. There’s even an independent key pocket to prevent potential scratches to a cellphone! To take it a step further, there’s an earphone outlet for those who want to listen to music while carrying their phones in the pouch. The pockets are large enough to fit a 6-inch screen, as well as other small objects like chapstick or band aids.


The sturdy and innovative design prevents the waist pack from bouncing while running. You can also adjust and clip the belt to your liking. It might be a good idea to only pack items that are necessary while running. You don’t want to carry a lot of items because the pouch may get heavy and wear you down over time. If you’re sending this item as a gift, make sure to let them know that!



All of these products can be extremely valuable to any runner. If you’re looking to buy one as a gift, make sure you know what the recipient is looking for before making a purchase. You want your gift to be memorable, and believe us when we say these products are memorable.

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By  Andy Nguyen