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Personalised gifts for him

Ask any man and he’ll tell you- there is no fun at all in receiving socks every time as a birthday gift. While women are used to receiving gifts, men too enjoy a thoughtful present. Whether it’s your new found lover, a fiancé, your father, your sweet old grandpa or your hubby, a well-thought-out gift will make him feel loved and appreciated. But what do you get him, when all you can think of are those cute happy socks he loves so much. We have a few gift ideas but first, below are a few tips on choosing personalized gifts for him.

Tips to consider when choosing gifts for men;
-His personality should be an obvious consideration. You don’t want to get him a shirt that he’ll never wear because it’s too edgy.
-His hobbies; he is a huge fan of video games, a game of thrones enthusiast or a talented singer who enjoys karaoke. Getting him a gift that he can use when engaging in his hobbies will ensure he puts it to good use.
-The occasion or context; A birthday present cannot be similar to a house warming gift. The occasion should guide you towards choosing the most appropriate and functional gift.
-The nature of your relationship; Are you celebrating 5 years of love or is he your cherished grandpa who always gives you the perfect advice. How you relate to him should help you send special messages through creative gifting.

9 Perfect Personalized Gifts for him

1. Personalized portrait
A portrait has never been disappointing, but we’re not talking about just any portrait. This one is personalized to evoke wonderful memories. If you’re really close to him, you could give him a portrait with his childhood picture painted on it. If you can’t get a hold of his old photo album, you could also have the painter draw his perfect childhood comic heroes on the portrait. The point is to make it meaningful according to his personal life and that means you have to pay attention to him when he’s talking or sharing childhood stories.

2. Locket
A locket is one of the most personal possessions anyone can have. These pieces of jewelry have historical significance from several centuries ago. They are used to tell stories of love, respect or admiration, depending on what’s inside. In the past, lockets would hold anything, from tiny love messages to small portraits. If you share special memories with him, you could get him a modern locket with a significant image inside. Luckily, you could find a locksmith to engrave your image inside and special words on the outer part of the locket to make it more special. To add functionality, get one of those lockets that also work as watches.

3. Engraved watch
Is he a poor timekeeper or a watch collector? Watches are viewed as the standard gifts for men just as shoes are for women. A watch is one of the most functional items in a man’s life but there are ways to make it more than functional. At the back of a wristwatch, there is enough space to engrave something special. It could be his or your initials, a heartfelt message or a special date and time.

4. Vintage compass
No one needs compasses when we have google maps, but if your man is the sentimental, down to earth, old school type, a vintage compass will make him go nuts with excitement. These antic collectibles were very popular among sailors. Today, they can be used as key holders or pendants. You can choose between a number of designs; from completely enclosed compasses to those covered with a dome-like glass revealing the directions. In addition, pick the outer metal design according to his personality. Rustic brass, for instance, is perfect for calm, quiet people who appreciate uniqueness, while shiny gold would be excellent for a flashy personality.

5. Mugs
While you’re busy overthinking the gift-giving, he is just wishing you could get him one of those fancy mugs with a special message. A mug is quite unforgettable because every day when he sips a hot cup of coffee after a long day at work, he’ll remember you. Regardless of how you relate, there are mugs for all types of relationships. You only need to customize it with simple messages such as: “best boss ever”, “most awesome dad” or “love you to bits”.

6. Kitchen sets
We all love a man who can cook and there’s no better way to appreciate him than gifting him with kitchen accessories. If he’s a chef, a modern set of knives will be more than perfect. However, if he loves hosting barbecue grills every now and then, you could get him grilling equipment. Just ensure your choice of gift is in line with the kind of cooking he enjoys.

7. A Hoodie
Any gift that can be worn brings you closer to him. A hoodie is perfect if he stays out late at night and catches a cold every time. Preventing another trip to the doctor with a hoodie is more than a gift. However, it doesn’t have to be plain. Get creative and get him a hoodie with his favorite emojis or movie slogans and logos.

8. A thoughtful doormat
We all know that one guy who is a clean freak and he hates it when people walk into his house with shoes. If that guy is your friend, boyfriend or brother, a unique doormat for his birthday will do. Go for doormats with interesting messages such as “shoes and egos out” or “I’m a clean freak, you know what to do”.

9. A tie or socks organizer
There’s a thin line between a clean freak and a neat freak, but when you know him too well, then you know which word describes him perfectly. If he’s a neat freak, a designated organizer for his socks, ties or stationary is perfect. Such a gift is functional and he is likely to use it every day. It’s simply the perfect way to keep him from forgetting you.