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Personalised Family Tree Frames – UPDATED 2019 | Wooden Family Tree

Personalised Family Tree
Personalised Family Tree
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All of us have families, big or small, near or far. They are the people we share a lot of memories with and the people we are the closest to. Each family is unique and shares a special love and bond. There are numerous ways to celebrate the family ties, one of the most popular and effective being a family tree. Personalized family trees provide an appealing way to represent the family relations and ties, while adding to the decor and charm of any home.

Family trees are precious artefacts that can be cherished for years into the future across many generations of your family. It also makes for an amazing gift for relatives and loved ones to hang on their walls, adding a sense of belonging among family members and relatives. A personalised family tree is even more beneficial for youngsters in understanding where they come from and can motivate them to live up to the pedigree.

A family tree frame can provide wonderful means of celebrating family bonds as well as remembering and cherishing the long lineage of family ancestors. Right from the most hated sister to the best grandmother, family members can remember occasions and memories when they are with somebody on the tree picture frame.

A personalised family tree, when done right can turn any room or wall into a visual delight, lined with elegant landscape or portrait photographs of family members, this spot on the wall can be an evergreen part of a contemporary décor, and with the possibility of high levels of personalisation, you can craft a look that matches your house perfectly!

Personalized family tree frames make a stunning gift for any occasion. These frames are available in a variety of designs, materials and shapes to choose from. They contain amazing background designs to give an eye-catching backdrop for the family tree. Names of family members are printed in high quality to create attractive personalized family tree. They make unique gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, mother’s day, housewarming, Christmas and other occasions and parties.

Wooden Family Tree Plaque

Family tree frames come in many different layouts, formats, styles and designs, and at the moment, wooden plaques are the most in-demand! The style and elegance that a wooden plaque adds to your interiors is almost incomparable, so if you can shell out the dough, you should definitely consider a wooden plaque.

Wooden Family Tree Plaques make fantastic gifts for anniversaries, house warmings and other special occasions, these amazing works of art can easily become a family heirloom to treasure through generations.

Nothing can better signify the oneness and unity within a family like that of a wooden family tree, and it serves much beyond just a symbolic purpose, since its widely seen that family members are more motivated and driven to keep-up their name and maintain relations when such symbolic artefacts are given prominence.

With laser engraving and cutting, there is plenty of potential for customization, which can include various aspects unique to your family, including deaths, divorces, re-marriages, blended and unorthodox families. No matter how dysfunctional your family is, there are options available.

Wooden family tree plaques come in a variety of choices for wood type and color. These frames can be round, oval, rectangle or any other shape. They come in different size options as well. Some plaques even contain gold, silver or bronze plated stars, hearts or circles engraved with names of the family members. The icons can include details of each family member as well. The frames also provide space to engrave the name of the occasion and family surname or date of the occasion.

These family tree plaques make an eye-catching backdrop for any wall or decor and can be installed in dining rooms, living rooms or bedrooms. Whether you love vintage look or want something that blends with the contemporary interior decor, wooden frames in various designs and natural tone would surely meet your taste. Wood construction is durable and ensures years of display and decor without any wear and tear.

Personalised Stick Family Portrait

For those of you looking for a casual or more modern approach to a family tree, a stick family portrait would be a better option. A Wooden plaque may not match the décor of most modern households, nor the mindset and lifestyles of modern families.

Stick family portrait frames can be personalised to make a wonderful piece of art for any home and can make a thoughtful gift. Such a frame makes a unique keepsake for anybody. It is a perfect gift for any family and suits occasions like new home, new baby, mother’s day, grandmother or anything else.

Ideal gifts for families who love displaying pictures and people, stick family portrait frames let you discover new ways to display your family on walls of living room, bedroom or dining room. Unique and appealing, these family trees can become the next talking point of your next gathering.

A stick family portrait gives a message that you love your family, and love to show off their photos, but still respect each member as his or her own individual, and not part of some family collective, that they represent and uphold.

The personalisation and customization options of a stick family portrait are much more diverse than a wooden plaque, just a quick search online should reveal the 100s of different styles, formats and options available.

Families are extremely important for all of us, and it’s only natural that our homes and personal spaces portray the same. Displaying the family relations and ties through a personalized family tree is a great way to show to the world that you are proud of the love the family shares.

These are just 2 of the 1,000s of different options available for a family tree, and based on your family, relationships and lifestyles, you can choose the one that best suits you. Family tree frames are available in a variety of designs and styles to choose from, depending on your interior decor and personal preferences.