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Personalised Teacher Gifts

Gone are the days where surprising your teacher with a shiny apple on their desk before first period is a thing. Gift-giving has come a long way since the classics, making the experience for both teachers and students more personalised and memorable than it originally was.

Teachers are responsible for shaping children at a tender age, making them the great doctors, lawyers, actors, and musicians they are today. It’s safe to say, a world without teachers, is a world without progress.

Here are the best personalised teacher gifts you can give your second parents to make them feel special.

The Essentials

This Cute Bamboo Coffee Cup

normal reusable sustainable bamboo coffee cup

Saying that teachers are stressed is an understatement – they are overworked and (in most cases) underpaid. The only thing that keeps them motivated is their love for educating students and coffee.

A healthy dose of caffeine to jumpstart their day is essential. Give your favorite teacher this elegant, eco-friendly reusable bamboo coffee cup. Keep coffee hot over a long period of time with this double-walled stainless inner case.

You can have the teacher’s name printed or initials on the coffee cup for a more personalised experience.

A Thank You Rainbow Candle

Teachers need a cup of coffee to energize them in the morning, but at the end of the day, what they need is to soak their body in warm water with a soothing scented candle lit at the side. It’s a beautiful way to remind your teacher self-care is part of the job.

There’s a sweet message at the front of the candle that says ‘Truly Amazing Teacher’ with a designated space for your personalised message. An amazing parting gift to give your teacher during graduation.

A Personalised Wine Bottle Tag

Wine is EVERY teacher’s best-friend. You know what they say, when the going gets tough, a bottle of wine gets going. The best way to unwind after a stressful day is sometimes to have a glass of wine and binge-watch How I Met Your Mother.

Write your short message of your teacher on the tag. After all, there are just some days where a bottle of wine is better than a piece of apple.

Funny Teacher Gifts

I Teach Muggles Teacher Badge

If your teacher always dreamed of teaching the Dark Arts, but couldn’t get in into Hogwarts, your professor is going to LOVE this comical I Teach Muggles Teacher Badge.

It’s enough to earn a few chuckles from your classmates, co-workers, and friends. A hilarious gift to set the mood in the classroom, and you can bet your teacher is going to wear it for ages!

Tears Of My Students Coffee Mug

Wouldn’t it brilliant to give your math teacher this comical coffee mug right before the exams? She’ll be sipping tea with a smug look on her face while her students’ eyebrows are scrunched up, trying to solve the problem.

While the students may not like the idea, it’s something everyone can laugh all about it soon. Besides, who wouldn’t want their lower years to experience the same light-hearted torment?  

No, Really. You Shouldn’t Have Houseplant Gift

If there’s anything teachers LOVE and students HATE, it’s homework. Who would want to chip off their precious game time at home to write a 500-word essay? That’s right: NO ONE.

Give your teacher a housewarming houseplant present, it does not only beautify the home, but it’s a clever reminder not to overload her students with homework. Who knows, maybe it’s something she’ll consider? Most likely not, but it’s worth a shot!

Teacher Prints

A Sweet Appreciation Canvas

Teachers spend a huge portion of their day motivating, encouraging, and supporting her students. She’s not asking for much, but an appreciation canvas is more than enough to keep her passion for teaching alive.

When she’s feeling down, it can serve as a source of energy to continue pushing forward. The fact that she’s made a difference is all that matters to a genuine teacher. What’s more, it makes a beautiful home ornament for her apartment home.

A Teacher Impossible to Forget

Some teachers are just…impossible to forget. These special people come by into our lives every once in a while, and while they may not be with us throughout our journey in life, the lessons and teachings we’ve learned from them will continue to guide us as we continue to part ways.

There’s nothing sweeter than this message to a teacher. If you want to show some love to a teacher you have deeply connected with, this Impossible To Forget canvas is the PERFECT gift.

This Adorable Love Heart Word Art

Apples and chocolates are some of the gifts to give your favorite teacher as a way of showing your love and appreciation. And while these two are great gift ideas, it does not last. Surprise your teacher with this cute Love Heart Word art, you can have the text, color, and font personalised to your preference. You can have your favorite classroom activities printed on text to make this memento extra special.