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Wordart online

There are a variety of websites and applications allowing users in generating personalized word art online. The text or the phrase that has to be personalized can be amended in several ways. Addition of shadows, outlines and colours make the text more engaging and alluring. Adding gradients and 3D effects are the most common methods of text modification. Aside from this, bending and altering the shape of the text boosts the visual attraction of the text or phrase.

Initially, Microsoft Word was the only program that first initiated visual effects for text. Soon, many programs were launched for word art online. We have brought together a list of the best word art online software! Some of these programs have revolutionized the way we incorporate texts in art, canvas, posters, etc. Let’s take a look at them below.


Top 5 Word Art Online Software


1. Art Text

This is an advanced software for both, Windows and Mac. It enables the creation of uniquely styled typography. Art Text is also widely used by professionals for the creation of logos, posters, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

This software provides numerous customizable templates, vector icons, text transformation techniques, photo textures and shade materials.

2. WordArt

WordArt is an online website that generates exclusive word art. Users can tweak the shape, font and colour of the text with much ease. With this website, word art can be created with custom shapes. The website provides a variety of shapes and also enables users to use their own image for this task.

word art online

3.Word Artist 3.0

This is yet another widely used program that’s designed for Windows users. The software contains text styles for newspaper, magazine cut-outs and website buttons. The software can be used in the several languages such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian and Polish.  word artist 3

4. Wordle

The latest trend in typography is word cloud. Text is visualized in forms of different shapes chosen by the user. Word clouds are used for printing on products, campaign posters, etc. a variety of fonts, shapes and colour schemes can be used in Wordle.

5. Tagxedo

The website provides 150 slides guide for making word cloud creation easy for its users. The website can also use user uploaded image for creating the shape of the word cloud.


So, which word art software sounds interesting to you?

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