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What to Write in an 18th Birthday Card?

Greeting a happy birthday to someone is very easy. What is hard is writing your heartfelt message on a card. It is sometimes hard to express your gratitude, wishes, and thanks to someone celebrating their debut. We know that the 18th birthday is a huge change in someone’s life. Aside from the legality to do things, it is in some countries a symbol of independence.

In writing a birthday card for someone celebrating their 18th birthday it is important to write a message that is from the heart and based on reality.

Your First Meeting

Do you remember when you first met? You can write it on your card to make him or her feel their importance in your life. It is an honor to be remembered by your friend or lover. Reading a card that has the details of your first meeting is heartwarming.

Unforgettable Experience Together

Did you two went on a trip of a lifetime? You can include small details of it. You can write about how you enjoyed his or her company. You can even include in the card how you want to go back to the time you were together and how fun it was.

Things You Like About the Celebrant

I am sure you are giving a birthday card to someone you like or love to be in your life, either as a friend or someone special. You can include in your card some things you want about him or her. If she is fond of artistic pieces, you may include in your gifts like word art prints UK and other significant items that are perfect as presents.

You can add how beautiful the smile on his or her lips, how kind and generous he or she is, etc. Just make sure everything is real.

Add a Gift

In your card, you may insert a gift. Perfect 18th birthday presents in cards are cash, concert tickets, movie tickets, plane tickets, WordArts, and pictures. By adding a gift, you are making it extra special for the celebrant.

Sample Card Message

Here is an example of a birthday card greetings for a friend that you might want to get an idea of:

My dear friend since 2010,

We have been friends for so long, 10 years to be exact. I remember the first time we met. It was in the summer of 2010. You were a cute little 8-year old at that time with braided hair. I will always remember your cutest smile while I push you on the swing. That was the start of our lifetime friendship.

Do you remember our first out-of-the-country tour? I am so happy my mom allowed me to go with you and your family. We visited your grandfather at that time. It was 5 years ago. I remembered swimming in the river and jumping from the small cliff. I was afraid that time, but you were holding my hand. I never thought I could do it. Good thing you were there.

Thank you so much for the friendship you offered me. No matter how old we grow, I will always cherish your cute face with braided hair. You will always be my friend.

Now, as you celebrate your legality, let us cheers to that. May we have more countries to explore and things to discover together. Whatever happens, don’t forget that I will always walk beside you.

Here is a small gift I included in this card, concert tickets for two. One for you of course, and I expect the other one for me too.

Love lots,

Your friend from 2010 until forever

With the above sample of a card message, I hope you got an idea of what to write in an 18th birthday card. It is really up to you. The important thing to remember is to keep it real and simple.