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Unusual baby boy gifts

Finding a gift for a new baby is no easy task.  The task is made all the harder as there seems to be such a huge choice of gifts at different price points.

Finding the perfect gift doesn’t have to be difficult. In this short article I will be give you a few ideas on how to pick an unusual baby boy gift.  I will produce another article for girls as searching for their gifts involves searching in slightly different areas.

First thing to say is forget all the usual places you would normally check like amazon and ebay.  If you are looking for unusual gifts these aren’t really the places to go.

My go to place when looking for unusual or unique gifts is a website called Etsy.  It is a pretty popular platform more so in US than the UK where I’m based.

The great thing about Etsy it that the website is a platform for independent sellers to sell their products.  So, there is a choice of thousands or even tens of thousands of individual sellers. And there are thousands of unusual baby boy gifts.

To help you with your search I have listed the top 5 products that I located but I urge you have a look and see what you can find.  I love searching etsy and I can spend hours looking through all the different stores and niche products.

5 unusual baby boy gifts

  1. Personalised Robe and Hooded Towel

I absolutely loved this product.  I have seen personalised robes before but don’t think I have seen as many that are so luxurious or high quality.  Added to the fact you can personalise it with name of the new baby boy.

  • Personalised baby print

This is another great product that lets you mark the date of birth for the new baby.  Once you send the personal details like weight and date of birth etc this store makes a totally personal print and frames and sends it to you. This is a great choice and nearly my number one product.

  • New mum necklace

Ok this isn’t for the new baby boy but loved it and think this could be a good addition to the main gift for the new baby.  It was very reasonable priced and makes a great gift for the new mum.

  • Funny onesie

If you the new mum has a good sense this is the perfect choice.  I won’t tell you what it says but I would encourage you to click on the link and have a look for yourself.

  • Personalised baby blanket

Ok this is last choice I have etsy and loved this product.  Not too much to say about it apart from it was a great price and looks good quality from the pictures on the website.