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Unique Gifts for Cyclists

As the holiday season is soon approaching, we are preparing to get our hands on perfect gift items for our loved ones. The market is flooded with many unique gift items which are worth considering for your loved ones. But, choosing the right gift is very essential to please the recipients. If you are looking for the Unique Gifts for Cyclists, then below is the list of some good ideas of gifts that you can give your cyclist friends


Unique Gifts for Cyclists


Cyclist word art

One of the best gifts you can give to a cyclist is a personalised word art print(like the one pictured above). You can create a totally unique gift that you be sure no one else will have given them.  If you would like to create this gift please click on the button below.

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This is the unique gift idea for the two wheeler lovers. It is new and unique vertical bike rack which will not only add unique touch to your home decor, but also make the room quite functional and pleasant to look. This is the perfect gift idea for any cyclist who wants to make use of their home decor to the fullest and display their passion in a unique way.

Lumos Helmet

This is the first smart bike helmet in the world and the Unique Gifts for Cyclists which will not only make your recipient happier, but also improvises the cycling safety with amazing infusion of engineering and design. You can perfectly reclaim your confidence of cycling in between the city traffic and also lit the neighbourhood which has poor lighting. So, this holiday season can be luminous for you and give you more reason for you to put safety first while riding on road.

Cyclist Word Art Print

This is unique and wonderful gift for the cyclists. It is available in framed and unframed version which can be used for wall decor. It is designed in many colors and available in many different designs and styles. You can also gift your cyclist friend with a unique design by custom designing the word art print. This is the unique cycling gift that is designed for that cyclist who wants to enhance the overall appearance and decor of their house, while showcasing their unique passion for cycling.

Cyclist Gear

There are many cyclist gears that are designed for biking to patrolling, work, and getting caught in unexpected adventures. There are backpacks which are perfect for the adventurous cyclists who are on the move and prefer carrying all the items with comfort and ease. There are also garment panniers available which are perfect to carry clothing and keep it wrinkle-free and also accommodate the daily essentials perfectly.

Six Pack Bike Caddy

There are some brands that design leather beer caddy which is the perfect companion for those cyclists who prefer carrying their beverage along with them while riding. If you are a biggest fan of beverages and want to carry your caret of beers, then don’t worry now you can use the six pack bike caddy which can accommodate your favourite beverages for you while you are riding your cycle.

Musguard Fenders

Musguard is another popular and perfect protection gear designed for cyclists and this is elegantly designed for riding on muddy and wet terrains. This gift for cyclists will provide optimal protection to the riders and its combat feature has no extra parts to mess up with the aesthetics of your bike. It is completely removable, lightweight and efficient.


Today keeping your bike safely is a hurdle as there is no locking system that comes to protect the cycles. But, with the bitlock you can easily keep your cycle safe anywhere. It is the safety gear designed to keep the cycle safe and you can lock or unlock the device using your Smartphone without having to search for keys in your pocket. Simply walk closure to the lock and press the lock or unlock button on you BitLock app to open or lock it seconds.

Glint Reflective Bike Stickers

This is another popular addition to any night rider. This is the reflective bike sticker that is designed to be stick on the rims of the bike and it will glow when you will ride the bike in dark or at nighttimes. This is one of the perfect and Unique Gifts for Cyclists which will help other cyclists to find their way easily with its glow.


If you prefer riding your bike safely and prevent the accidents and injuries, then wearing the helmet is utmost crucial and there are many stylish and designer helmets which will give coverage to your head and also look stylish. There are strong helmets that are designed to keep the fashion game stronger, while helping you to ride your bike safely. There are no excuses now to avoid wearing helmet.

Reflective Jackets

Night riders can now glow and enjoy the reflective power of the reflective jacket line. This is ultimate gift for cyclists who prefer riding their bike at night. There are different sizes available which you can buy as per your shape and size of your body.