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50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

It is not often that couples are fortunate enough to reach their 50th wedding anniversary. If you happen to be buying a gift for a couple who has, then you should put extra care and thought into the gift as it will hold such a special meaning for the recipients.

The 50th wedding anniversary is often known as the golden wedding anniversary, with this in mind you may want to choose a gold theme for your gift. You could also provide that extra special gift by offering something personalized. Or for the ultimate gift experience, you could offer a personalized golden themed gift.

Here are some of ideas to get you thinking:

Personalized Prints

Why not keep it traditional with a personalized print detailing the couples favourite photo with their names and date of marriage added. You could get it framed in a lovely golden frame for that bit of sparkle.

For Garden Lovers

Many couples love to enjoy their garden together, so why not think of 50th anniversary gift ideas that take inspiration from the outdoors. You could go for a personalized garden bench, a personalized golden sundial, or even a beautiful tree that they can play together to mark the special occasion.


It is, after all, a day of celebration, so why not purchase some elegant champagne flutes for the happy couple to toast with. Or maybe they prefer a glass of red of white, in which case you could opt for a beautiful personalized corkscrew or wine cooler engraved with their names or initials.


Hampers are always a hit, you could purchase online, or make it extra special by going DIY and filling a hamper with all of the things that you know they love. Be sure to tie with a big golden bow for that special finish.

Newspaper Front Page

For that extra thoughtful gift, why not consider a newspaper front page print from the day that they married. It will bring back awfully fond memories for them, and couple this will a lovely golden coloured frame and this is sure to put a smile on their faces for years to come.

Weekend Trip

To make their 50th wedding anniversary truly memorable, why not go all out and gift the couple with a romantic weekend away. There are plenty of options to choose from, from cosy retreats to luxurious spa breaks. Give them a special weekend that they can cherish and remember forever.


Whatever the couple, there is such a wide range of gift ideas to choose from. Be sure to choose carefully to help the golden couple cherish this special point in time for the rest of their lives.