What Are the Top 3 Rough Collie Dog Traits?

One of the most popular types of dog breeds in the world today is the collie dogs. The Rough Collie is an extremely short-coated dog breed of average to large size, which, in its original species, was a naturally occurring type of English collar dog used and bred for shepherding. More recently, breeding has concentrated on the Rough Collie, as a dog companion, and show breed.

Rough Collies’ Traits

While the Rough Collie has been around since the 1500’s, it wasn’t until the 19th century that the breed gained popularity. At this time, the Rough Collie had several physical characteristics, which make them unique from other collies.

First Trait

The first of these physical traits to come about from the Rough Collie breed was their short coat, which is primarily dark brown. The short skin makes the Rough Collie dogs very easy to groom because their coats tend to shed quickly, unlike other collie breeds that have long coats that must be dry cleaned.

Second Trait

The second trait to come from the Rough Collie breed that makes them a famous dog for many people is their size and appearance. These dogs are large, with the average dog being around twenty-five to thirty-five pounds. This makes them ideal companions for families, even though these dogs are not the most active of dogs. Because the dogs are more extensive than many other types of dog traits and breeds, they are also typically much more massive than most, which is often considered a benefit, especially when looking for a dog for a home.

Although the Rough Collies has long coats, they are generally not the wrong choice for families because they do not shed their coats very often. They also don’t have any known health problems, making them the right choice for families who are concerned about their pets. Due to their large size and long coat, they are also commonly called “puppy dogs,” as well as “cattle dogs.”

Third Trait

The third trait of the Rough Collie breed that makes them such a popular choice for many people is the fact that they are a friendly breed. Many people, particularly those who live in rural areas, have experienced positive relations with the Rough Collies because they have a calm personality, unlike some of the more aggressive dog breeds of today.

The Rough Collies also tends to be a little on the “down” side regarding being housebroken. They do not require as much exercise as other types of dog breeds and require very little grooming, because of their short coat. When the coat is matted, it is possible to remove a few hairs by brushing the dog’s coat with a brush.

Rough Collies are Ideal as House Pets

Another factor that makes the Rough Collie a trendy choice for many households is that many people believe that these dogs make good watchdogs. This is mainly because they can respond quickly to an emergency and may even protect their owners from a dangerous situation. They may even be able to defend their master in an attack if they are adequately trained. One way of making your Rough Collie part of the family is by having its very own image displayed inside your home. You may also design a word art using its name to put on your living room. It might sound silly, but it is a natural way to make your dog a part of the family.

As previously mentioned, the Rough Collie breed is a medium to a large-sized dog, which means they will require a large space for their daily exercise. They may be too large for some homes, so this may be a reason that you are unable to choose a pet for your family. If this is the case, then you should consider adopting one of the smaller dog breeds such as the Shih Tzu or the Doberman instead.

Rough Collies as Unique Breed of Dogs

The Rough Collie is often confused with the Doberman since these are similar in terms of their physical characteristics. In addition to the short coat, however, both breeds share the same intelligence and curiosity about animals. These dogs are good watchdogs because of other animals and may even act aggressively towards them

Due to the breed’s gentle nature and their love of family, many people believe that the Rough Collie is the right choice for families that live in a more rural setting. These dogs are not known for their aggressive behaviour, although these dogs are sometimes more prone to accidents. As with any pet, this may be true of some, but this breed is often gentler and caring than others. If you have a Rough Collie and you want to keep something for the both of you, you may want to try some personalised collie word art present for you to display in your room.

When searching for a family pet, it can help to consider the personality traits that you want in your dog. While the Rough Collie may not be a highly energetic breed, they can be an excellent companion if you are willing to spend time with them. They make good companions for those who live in more rural settings because they are very gentle and will generally respond well to other animals and humans.

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