How to Socialise Your Border Collie Puppy?

The Border Collie puppy is working, and loyal dog breed initially developed in the Scottish-bordered region of England, for herding sheep, especially in the wetter parts of England and Wales. It is one of the most popular working dogs in Britain today.

The temperament of the Border Collie puppy is one that requires special care. If you are going to choose a Border Collie for your family, this article will help you know what to expect when it comes to raising this particular breed. A good dog that you can also train is the Merle border collie. They are easy to prepare and are fun to be with too.

What Important Points You Should Remember

The first thing you need to consider when raising a Border Collie puppy is where you want the puppy to live and go to school. You have a lot of options when it comes to this because some owners live on a farm and have the right breed of dog and others who only own a single dog on their property and let the Border Collie puppy roam free around the yard.

When you choose to raise a Border Collie puppy on your property, you must select a place that is secure enough to keep the dog from roaming freely and from other dogs and cats that may be living there. To choose the right place, you need to ask for some assistance from an animal behaviour professional to give you an idea about the area where the dog would be raised. A professional will tell you how to make sure that the dog stays within the boundaries of the property while still having fun playing with his friends.

The Characteristics of Border Collie

As mentioned before, different dog breeds have different personalities. Some of the personality traits that come from the Border Collie puppy include a very laid-back demeanour and eagerness to please its owner. It will also benefit you if you train the puppy in a way that is enjoyable for both of you. This way, the puppy will become comfortable and eventually develop an affectionate relationship with you and your family. If you have a child, it may be easy for them to feel attached to the puppy because of its cute and admiring personality.

Once you bring the Border Collie puppy home, it will be vital for you to start socialisation and training. Puppies are not very fond of new people, and you should not force the puppy into a socialisation session. It is better to allow the puppy to discover the socialisation session on its own. The socialisation session should not only include a play session with the puppy but also have a walk in the neighbourhood where the puppy can meet other dogs, cats and even humans.

Let Your Puppy Socialise

The best time to introduce the Border Collie puppy to other people is during puppy parties. When you bring the puppy to the party, let the party go on until the last guest has left. At this time, you can invite the puppy to socialise with its friends and then reward the puppy by playing a game with them. The reward should be something that the puppy finds enjoyable, such as the collar of the party’s host or a toy that was given by the host. In most cases, the reward should be something that the puppy finds exciting to chew on. If the host is fond of border collies, you may give the person a border collie personalised word art gift.

Another way to train your Border Collie puppy is to use treats to teach the puppy commands. When the puppy performs a control correctly, give it a pleasure.

An excellent example of a great method to use when teaching the dog how to heel is by using treats with the command “Down”. The first thing to do is to give the puppy the charm and ask it to down. If the puppy does not understand the command, reward it with a treat and give it another one.

Train Your Puppy Now

After a few times, you can try giving the command “Down”, and the puppy does it. You can then repeat the order until the puppy learns the command correctly. The puppy should feel when you say it and should not heel when you do not say it.

The most important part of training your Border Collie puppy is to make sure that you love him. As much as possible, you should always feed your puppy before you leave him alone to give him enough time to bond with you and the rest of your family. After a few days, you will find the Border Collie puppy very playful, and you will wonder how you did it without him. One way of showing your love to your puppy is by creating something special for him to always remind you of the happy moments with him through series of gifts and items like a portrait of your puppy or a word art print with your puppy’s name written.

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