Examples of White Elephant Gifts

As most of us are already aware, the white elephant exchange party consists of a group of family, friends, or coworkers gathering together, where each participant brings a wrapped gift of their choice with them. The gifts are piled up together and turns are taken to choose a gift from the pile depending on the number of turn you draw prior to the game. Each person chooses a present or steals a present from one of their friends.

The white elephant gift exchange game can be quite exciting and fun when the choice of gifts is good and entertaining at the same time. The gifts can range from anything useful to something utterly useless that has been put there just to cause a wave of humor and amusement. Here are a few examples of white elephant gifts that can be decent and useful at the same time:

  1. Kitchen-Related and Cutlery Products

Kitchen-related gifts can never go to waste. There is literally no one on earth who wouldn’t have to use a kitchen, so these gifts can be incredibly useful. The gift can range from anything from cooking utensils to cook books. Such a gift is pretty handy.

  1. Decoration Pieces

There is no doubt that the buyer of this gift will have a wide variety to choose from. Plus, this gift seems to last for a long time if properly taken care of. The decoration piece can depict anything funny to a known landmark such as the Statue of Liberty. It all depends on the buyer’s choice. No matter what the decoration piece is, the bottom line is that it won’t go to waste if you have good taste.

  1. Clothes

Who doesn’t like new clothes? Since this game is mostly played on Christmas, clothes would be a lovely gift. A pair of gloves, shoes, coats, shirts – the variety never ends. You can also get customized shirts that can represent something funny or meaningful.

  1. An Empty Box

You read it right! If you like to be a prankster, what you can do is get a huge box, fill it up with a second smaller box, fill the second box with an even smaller third box and so on. You can put as many empty boxes as you like. Make sure that they keep getting smaller in size and each box is wrapped with a pleasant wrapping paper so that at the end, if you receive nothing but an empty small box, at least the wrapping paper could come handy. This one is sure to cause curiosity and laughter in the room.

  1. Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys as gifts are cuddly and cute. No matter what your age is, you can never get over a cute, squishy stuffed toy. It’s even better when you have small kids or teenagers playing this game. It is a gift that is definitely going to get stolen once or twice, so it’s sure to make your gift exchange party interesting.

  1. Board Games

You are never too old to play board games, especially since there are so many board games that are only intended for adults. From children to adults, board games have always been entertaining and useful when you have to kill time. There are a ton of board games to choose from. Monopoly, card games, Scrabble, and Go are just a few examples; there are various more. Thus, if you are confused about which gift to buy for your white elephant gift exchange, you should definitely try this idea.

  1. Perfumes

Everyone likes to wear a good fragrance. Whenever the person puts it on, the fragrance will remind them of a great time they had or the occasion it was gifted to them on. It is a soothing and special present at the same time. However, buying the right fragrance can be a problem since everyone has different tastes (or smells in this case), so you might have to spend some time finding the right perfume.


  1. Customized Mugs or prints

This is the good, old-fashioned present. Mugs always prove to be good presents and are even better when you get them on a customized order, which shows you actually put some thought in choosing it. You can get a funny customized cup or a cute one, depending upon your choice. You can even get a special message written on it if you feel like it. This white elephant gift can be handy for every age group, so you cannot go wrong with this one.

  1. Emoji Pillows

Don’t we just love the adorable emojis on our phones? They have become a daily part of our lives since we use them to express emotions while texting. Luckily, emoji pillows have now been around since quite some time and they tend to be a very cute gift. There’s a whole range of emoji pillows you can choose from, depending on which one’s your most favorite or most used emoji. If you spot one, make sure to get your hands on it.

  1. Journal Diary

These days, we are very occupied and have a tendency to overlook and forget things. That is the reason why many individuals opt to keep diaries constantly beside them. Hence, a journal diary would be a decent present for a white elephant party. Make sure you choose one with an eye-catching cover. It’s always nice to put some effort and time when you are choosing gifts for your friends and family.


If you are confused on which present to choose, these few examples mentioned above can surely help you choose a good white elephant party present. Most of these gifts are suitable for all age groups, so you are bound to find some idea that will be perfect for you. Also, it’s pretty obvious that these presents are pocket friendly.

Make sure you get a present that every player would like to steal. After all, that’s what makes the game fun and exciting.