Are Dogs Color Blind? – The Truth You Need to Know

Are dogs colour blind? In reality, yes, most dogs are colour blind and can recognise different hues. The dog species’ eyes are classified as dichromatic, meaning that a dog can see two different shades.

The canine eyes are considered to be dichroic, which means that a dog can only see two different hues. So technically, by not seeing the green side of things, we can classify dogs as colourblind and, indeed, they see the world exactly like an old colour black and white TV series. However, there is some difference between what we consider “colour blindness” and what dogs have. In general, these types of animals cannot distinguish between hues of light and shade.

Things You Should Know About Your Dogs

Dogs are more sensitive to light than other animals. It is essential that a dog gets plenty of exposure to natural light and should never be kept indoors all day long. Light pollution can cause a dog to have problems with vision, even if the lights are off.

Your Dog Needs Your Care

Dogs are very visual creatures and cannot do without contact with sights and sounds. Dogs need lots of space and lots of toys to occupy their time and minds. As such, a lot of time and attention is required to keep a dog well-cared for and safe. If you do not want to spend too much time with your dog, you can opt for a toy.

They Find Some Colours Difficult to Identify

Some colours are more challenging for dogs to distinguish. Blue is a colour that most dogs will not be able to discriminate between colours, although some dogs may differentiate between red and orange. Red and orange are often thought to be the most difficult colours for dogs to differentiate. However, it has been found that some dogs can distinguish between black and brown, whereas others are not able to distinguish between grey and white.

Dogs love to play with colour but can sometimes get confused about its colours and can confuse red and pink with black or brown. So, when you are playing with your dog, don’t make a big deal about whether he/she has difficulty seeing specific colours, tell them what it is and let them play around.

What You Need to Know About their Colourblindness

Dogs are colourblind in many ways, including how they see colours and are not colourblind in every way. However, some dogs are more colourblind than others. Don’t worry; it’s not like a disease. They’re just animals!

Colour blindness isn’t like dyslexia, where you have no idea what the colour is. A dog has to use the colour sense to know what colour these dogs are looking at. A dog may be able to distinguish between different shades of one colour but may be unable to differentiate between one colour and another.

Colours are not like letters or numbers where you can guess what they stand for. A dog can learn about a particular colour after many tries, so there is no way to figure out what colour a dog is going to look at before the dog sees it.

In most cases, there is no way to tell a dog is colour blind. If the dog starts to misidentify a colour, you may want to try to move on to something else, especially if your dog is not trained to be able to distinguish between specific colours. There is also a test available, which you can purchase at a pet store or online.

Always Learn New Things About Your Dogs

Dogs who have been bred to be hunters can be colourblind. If you think that your dogs are colourblind, try asking a hunting partner if he/she has ever hunted with a dog who is not colourblind. You could have an excellent dog as a companion. Hunting can be a lot of fun, mostly if it is done with the proper equipment. If you’re going hunting, make sure that the dog you choose is safe to hunt with.

In conclusion, it would be easy to think that all dogs are colourblind, but that isn’t true. If a dog does not recognise a specific colour, don’t worry about it, there are ways to help them. Since your dogs are unique beings that you want to treasure the most, you may want to get yourself a present for both you and your dog like a personalised word art that you may use as a display inside your room.